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Childhood Heroes

Fun and colourful heroes who inspire little explorers

CH 1

Once upon a time

A colourful and joyful book for little adventurers

This original and fully personalised photo book is filled with colourful heroes who will inspire your little one and boost his or her creativity: brave knights, naughty pirates, colourful super-heroes, daring space explorers... they will soon become your child's favourites. The book showcases 26 professional portraits set in stunning illustrated decors.

CH 2
CH 3

Fun and inspirational mementos to boost little ones' confidence!

These personalised mementos are fun and colourful, just like your child's personality! Each theme brings to life a whole imaginary world filled with cute characters: they are perfect to create an original child's bedroom decor. Each personalised product also features an inspirational quote to boost your little one's positiveness and self-confidence.

Knigths & dragons

Pirates of the Pacific


Space explorers