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Most precious moments captured in a delicate traditional style


Precious moments

A tender and elegant photo book to celebrate baby beautifully

This Baby book is a perfect illustration of the timeless and elegant style of the Classic collection.. It is designed in a tender and refined style. and includes 40 portraits of your little one.


Soft and tender themes

Designed with pastel textured backgrounds, cute details like hearts, frames or ribbons and plush toys photos, they are perfect to annonce your baby’s arrival, decorate a traditional baby’s bedroom of offer a thoughtful little gift to your loved ones.

Available in 3 delicate pastel colours : Blue, Pink, Beige
  • blue
  • pink
  • beige

Fingerprints in my heart

Sweet Dreams

House of Love

Our Love baby

A Star in stripes

Soft Touch

Engraved in myheart

Pretty Nursery


Mums & Dads love...

“We chose to buy the Precious Moments baby book for our son Bryan as we loved its timeless and elegant style. We also gave a small one to his grandparents: they were absolutely delighted by this delicate attention. They are very proud and happy to show their grandson’s book to all their friends” Rachel and Kevin, parents of baby Bryan