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Imaginary Worlds

Poetic and fantastic adventure lands in a delightful illustrative style

IW 1


A delicate and original book for little dreamers

This photo book is an invitation to travel and explore! Each double spread displays a delightful decor filled with cute detailed illustrations, and your child most amazing portraits. It will take your little one around the world, from an Aussie road trip to the North pole, on the ocean floor and above the clouds... So much to discover and dream about!

IW 2
IW 3

Inspiring worlds that foster little ones' imagination!

Oh the places you'll go! Each theme in this collection will transport you to a new poetic world filled with cute animal characters and amazing decors. Colours are tender, illustrations are delicate and charming... these are for creative parents who wish their children to grow surrounded by beautiful artistic creations.

Above the clouds

Beyond the sea

Aussie Road trip

Polar expedition