Quality Charter

By contract, all ArtPhotoBaby professional photographers must respect a strict ‘Quality Charter’. It has been developed in partnership with health professionals to ensure the safest and most respectful service within the Maternity ward. Here is an extract of rules we enforce

  • Respect timings of visits as set with the head nurse
  • Strictly follow instructions from staff and mother when handling the Baby
  • Respect baby’s and mothers’ sleep
  • Be clearly recognisable in the Maternity ward by wearing a company’s badge
  • Strictly respect hygiene rules and regulations set up in the maternity ward
  • Wash her hands between each photo shoot
  • Never use accessories that do not belong to the baby
  • Ensure an irreproachable presentation and perfect cleanliness
  • Adopt a respectful behaviour with staff and patients at all times
  • Remind patients that the service is non-compulsory
  • Inform patients that there is no obligation to buy
  • Be transparent on prices and sales conditions
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality on all information concerning patients
  • Never enter the room when there is a health professional inside
  • Never use photos for their personal use or share with anyone on any medium