Tips for Beautiful Photographs

Get the most of your professional photo session

You and your little one are about to live an unforgettable family experience. To make sure you get the best time and we capture the most beautiful photos, please make sure you read the information below and prepare before heading off to the studio.

Home photo session blue

Before you leave home

Pack baby's bag

  • Baby's bottle
  • Napples & wipes
  • White baby suit
  • Favourite toys

Prepare yourself

  • Dress all family members in white or light plain tops
  • Get in the mood, relax & enjoy!


  • Bathe your baby before leaving home and try to keep your little one awake during your journey to the studio.
  • Dress your baby in layers to adjust to studio’s temperature and pack a white body suit, bloomer and his or her favourite toy.
  • On arrival change your baby and feed him or her in the comfort of our Relax room.
  • When Baby is settled, we are ready to start!


  • Dress in a white or plain light top, clothes should not distract to capture the most beautiful portraits.
  • Take 5 minutes to readjust your hair style and refresh your make-up. Don’t worry, happiness will make you look fantastic!
  • Relax! The moment you arrive, we will take it from there...
  • Your baby is in safe hands: it’s time for you to fully enjoy!


  • We work on week-ends so Daddy can join too!
  • Ensure you wear a plain t-shirt or white shirt for the photo session.
  • Be ready to involve yourself, some poses need commitment!
  • Remove your big watch before we start and off we go!

Siblings and family

  • All family members are welcome! Family portraits are unique memories and make the most beautiful keepsakes.
  • Ask siblings to jump in: we have props adapted to all ages and make sure older brothers and sisters don’t feel left out.
  • Grandparents may wish to participate: bring them along, we will do lovely and unforgettable family portraits.